Desert Dreams

Do you dream of a vacation, which combines golf on top-notch golf courses, splendid and luxurious hotels, and unique and beautiful experiences?
Palm Golf Travel has tailored the perfect vacation for you, which enables you to experience only the absolute best of the two world famous cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
There of course isn't the perfect golf trip without golf, therefore, Palm Golf Travel has put together the top tier golf courses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and tailored them into this dream trip.
The golf courses are among the best in the world.
On top of this, you will experience a breathtaking stay at Qasr Al Sarab, where your 5 senses will experience something truly unforgettable. 
As stated, your trip has been perfectly tailored by Palm Golf Travel. 
Dubai is a world famous city, and freqeuntly a targeted location for trips.
Here, you will experience a good mix of the original culture of Dubai and the modern hectic lifestyle.
With three nights in Dubai, you will have the time to relax, experience the culture, and play a round of golf on one of the many fantastic courses. 
Additionally, you will have a VIP tour of the worldst tallest building; the Burj Khalifa. Here, you will travel to the 152nd floor with an unforgettable view over the beautiful city of Dubai.
This tour is guided for only VIP visitors, which Palm Golf Travel offers you. 
The arabic night is something that there has been written books about for hundreds of years.
You will get the opportunity to experience the world famous arabic night on a traditional arabic boat (dow) in the Dubai Creek. It will be a night with traditional and inviting tastes of the arabic culture.
Additionaly, there will be a symphony of arabic perfomances right infront of your table. 
The tour relatively quickly moves onto the Capital City of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. You will be taken to Abu Dhabi from Dubai in a private high class car with a private chauffeur.
The trip is approximately an hour, but with the beautiful and massive dunes available at every sight, along with an occasional camel on the sides of the road, it is a little 1 hour experience in itself. 
In Abu Dhabi you will have the opportunity to play golf on 3 different courses. Firstly, you will be housed 4 days by the Westin Golf Restort.
This golfhotel lies directly on the Abu Dhabi Championship Golf Course (where the European Tour is hosted in January).
This course is top-notch, and together with its club-house in the shape of a falcon (Abu Dhabi's National Animal) gives an unmistakable and astonishing vibe. 
After 4 intensive days of golf, the tour continues with a limo-service to the unique desert-hotel, Qasr-Al-Sarab.
The tour to Qasr-Al-Sarab takes just 2 short hours, where you have the chance to lay back dream about the most beautiful and serviced hotel you will ever experience. You may dream while Palm Golf Travel ensures that your golfbag is transported directly to Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, where you will play your next round. 
Qasr-Al-Sarab lies in the entrance of the world biggest chain of Deserts, "Rub Al Khali", with Sand Dunes standing up to 300 meters high.
Palm Golf Travel ensures you that this is indeed a "once in a lifetime" experience, having close relations with the "1001 Nights" story. On this magnificient hotel there are a range of activities available, from tennis with your own "ball-boy" and archery with your own coach, to camelriding, desert safari, and Spa. 
On top of these two unforgettable nights in the desert, we will drive you back to Abu Dhabi's luxerious Beach Hotel, the St. Regis, where you will stay for 3 full days. The hotel lies directly on the beautiful beach on Saadiyat Island, which is just 10 minutes away from Downtown Abu Dhabi.
The hotel is 5-star and offers the ultimate luxery available. For example, on this hotel, every room is provided with their personal butler, which supplements one of their many facilities. On top of all this, the hotel is also located in the middle of the 18 hole golf course, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. 
On this stay, you will be presented with the opportunity to play the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, which has a brilliant view of the Arabian Gulf. However, if you're feeling lazy, you can take a day or two and just relax at the beach or the fully-serviced pool with a pool-bar. 
Palm Golf Travel also offers an included sightseeing with a private limo-service for a total of 6 hours. On this sightseeing, you will be able to experience all the flavours of Abu Dhabi, and if you find any of these flavours especially inviting, you may ask the driver to stop and wait as requested. For example, you can take a long stop at the World's Largest Mosque, the Sheik Zayed Mosque, where you can enjoy the astonishingly beautiful Architecture and lavishness. You can also take a short stop at the Emirates Palace, where you can buy your own pure gold bar in a vending machine. The sightseeing tour ends with a "high tea" in the Etihad Towers, where you can enjoy the view of all of Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Golf and its nearby Islands from the 74th Floor. 
The Package includes:
In Dubai
- 3 Nights in Dubai on the Jebel Ali Ocean View Hotel, which is located near the impressive Dubai Marina. 
- VIP tickets to the tour of the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.
- Dinner cruise on the Creek with a 5-star buffet.
- 1 Round of Golf on Emirates GC or the Jumeirah (The two proffesional tour courses in Dubai).
In Abu Dhabi
- 4 Nights on the 5-star Westin Golf Resort, which is located right on the Abu Dhabi Championship Course (European Tour Golf Course)
- 2 Rounds of golf on the Abu Dhabi Golf Course
- 1 Round of golf on the Yas Links GC
- 1 Round of Golf on the Saadiyat Beach GC
- 3 Nights on the exclusive and luxerious hotel, St. Regis, with a private butler. 
- 6 Hours of sightseeing in Abu Dhabi with a private chaffeur.
- Afternoon Coffee in Cafe 300 in the Etihad towers on the 72nd Floor.
On the Desert Trip to Qasr-Al-Sarab
- 2 nights on the hotel, which awakens your dreams of the 1001 nights story.
- Guided Camelriding Tour
Also Included in the Package:
- Amazing Breakfast buffet on all of the hotels
- Transport from/to the Airport
- Transport between  major all destinations (Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi to Qasr-Al-Sarab, etc.)
- Transport of Golf Equipment from Westin to Saadiyat Beach GC (see the text above).
- Golf Carts to all rounds of golf with refreshingly cool water
- Range Balls for all rounds of golf (all warmup expenses included)
Prices from $4,960,- per person in a shared double bedroom.
Additionall! The order of Dubai-Abu Dhab-Qasr Al Sarab, can be altered to personal preference.
Flight Fees are not included.

Desert dreams and one million stars