Nice to know

Visa applications are not required for citizens of the EU.

You will automatically receive a month tourist visa at passport control coming to Abu Dhabi.

However, if you're not from the EU, you may contact us and we will help you figure out what is needed to be done.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a very functional infrastructures.

They have wide highways from all parts of town, which allows for safe and quick transport.

However, occasionally during rush-hour, there can be a bit of traffic, otherwise, there is rarely traffic.

It is extremely cheap to take taxi's, costing around 25% of what it costs in the EU.

The taxi fare translates to 0.36$ per kilometer.

In addition, it is also extremely cheap to rent your own car.

Many of the hotels here in Abu Dhabi have up to 5-6 different restaurants or bars, where alcohol is served.

All of the golf clubs also serve alcohol.

All imaginable types of wine, beer, and spirits can be found here in Abu Dhabi.

Along with this there is a rich and exciting night life suitable for everyone.

During late night, Abu Dhabi and Dubai really know how to party.

However, restaurants and cafees on street corners usually do not offer alcohol, however,

these restaurants are usually very cheap and offer a variety of other drinks, such as fresh-pressed fruit juices, mocktails, etc.

UAE's population is approximately 9 million, however, only 1.5 million of these are national to the country.

The rest of the population are immigrants from all around the world, ranging from India to Europe to America to Africa.

Therefore, UAE is very multicultural.

This paints an extremely exciting picture of Abu Dhabi, and the possibilities to meet someone interesting or exotic are immense.

Finally, the crime rates in the UAE are within the lowest in the world, if not the lowest.

Therefore, you can move around safely as you like at any time at night, or day.

There are so many represented cultures in the UAE, which ultimately leads to a very integrated nation.

Therefore, here in the UAE, everyone can find a way to live that makes them feel at home.

Here in UAE, both the immigrants and the locals get along, mostly because they respect each other and their cultures.

The national religion in the UAE is Islam, therefore there are thousands of beautifully achitectured mosques,

and thousands of amazing people going there to pray 5 times a day.

However, there is no pressure, nor no rules that people from any religion or country have to wear the Abaya or the Dishdash.

In fact, many locals from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and also many Islamic people from other countries, dont wear either of the normalized clothing.

However, here in the UAE, people prefer you be respectful in all manners.

Palm Golf Travel has made a list of good tips to follow here in the UAE:


1. You can drink alcohol but do not  show intoxication publically on the street (take a taxi to get home).

2. Bathing suits and other generous clothing should stay on the beach, pools, and hotels.

3. At religious or holy places such as the Grand-Mosque, Police Station, or other smaller mosques.

    Be polite and  wear long pants and  long-sleeved shirts. Otherwise, if you're trying to get in, they might not allow you in.

4. If you're going to cafee's and restuarant's, the preffered dress-code is "smart-casual".

5. In golf clubs, the dress-code is relatively relaxed (Polos, shorts, long pants, etc.).

6. Remember that the local population here isn't here for the tourists fascination nor delight, they merely live here. 

    For that reason, if you wish to take a photo of their elegent dress, be polite and ask them first.

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